A little bit about my skills & training

never stop learning, continuing education, learning-3653430.jpg A brief explanation about my skills and training that I currently have listed.

Overtime these will change and update as you follow along. As of date I do not have any certifications yet. I have completed both parts of the A+ course by Mike Myers on Udemy. That just means I’ve gone through his course. Which I will go into more detail ahead. I want to take a moment to help show you where I stand with my knowledge and skills. I want to show any potential future employers my available skills. It will also be nice to show what my qualifications are as a free lancer.

A little background about myself. I started out going to college to pursue a bachelors in computer science. Life took its twists and turns and I dropped out after my first year as I wasn’t financially mature enough to support myself while going to school. After some years I ended up going into the medical field to which I thought was going to be my more permanent career path. However, overtime I found myself drawn back to my passion with computers. For now I am going on the self taught route. I am not currently enrolled in any school curriculum. These days there are many different ways to validate your knowledge and skills. Everything from certifications, to displaying proof of work these things are adding to my portfolio as proof and validation.

As I mentioned earlier concerning my courses on Udemy, I have signed up for a LOT of courses. I have managed to get them either very cheap, or even free from giveaways I have come across. I know Udemy is not looked at with high regard by some, but for now it’s a start for me. It won’t be my once all stop all source for knowledge. So here on this page you will find along side the skills I am learning, you will also find the sources of where I am learning from. Youtube happens to be a wonderful source just as much, but there are plenty of other websites I have come across as well. So please follow along in my journey.

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